Winchester man accused of raping babysitters claims innocence

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Robert Lee says he doesn't know why he's in jail facing charges of second and third-degree rape.

"It's bogus. I've just been staring at the wall,” he said.

“Staring at the wall thinking how did this happen?” asked WKYT’s Mark Barber.

“Yeah, pretty much," Lee said.

Clark County detectives say they arrested him, and his wife Pennie, after a two month long investigation.

His wife is charged with complicity to rape in the second and third-degree.

Investigators say the Lees gave alcohol and drugs to underage girls who were babysitting their children and then forced them to have sex.

Lee says that never happened.

"You didn't give the girls drugs or alcohol?” asked Barber. Lee said, “No, I never even handled a drug or anything.”

Barber asked, “You didn't rape the girls?” “No,” said Lee.

He says they started hiring the babysitters, who he says were all under 18, through a friend's girlfriend.

"Whenever they stopped babysitting, it just kept going through their friends," he explained.

Lee says he's in the Army National Guard and built a reputation on trustworthiness.

"I've got eight years in, almost nine and I'm a Sergeant so this is going to ruin my career, just being here today. I also subcontract for Lockheed Martin at Bluegrass Station so I probably lost my job too there already," he said.

He says his wife is also in the military.

Barber asked, "Do you have any regrets?” Lee said, “I do now, I regret ever letting them watch my kids. I don't know who or why this is going on but this is ridiculous.”

He says his sister is taking care of their three young children.

Officials say the couple is being held without bond.