Convicted Cop Killer Gets Life Sentence

A man, convicted of shooting and killing a small town police chief, has agreed to accept a life sentence. That means the jury, which was trying to decide his fate, has been dismissed.

Jamie Barnett shot and killed Clay City Police Chief Randy Lacy last summer while he was handcuffed in the back of Lacy's cruiser. Investigators say he took Lacy's gun and shot him in the back of the head.

On Wednesday, the jury returned a guilty verdict on the charge of Wanton murder. The jury opted out of convicting him on a more serious intentional murder charge that could have carried the death penalty.

The jury returned on Thursday morning for the sentencing phase.

The agreement came after heart wrenching testimony from Lacy's family, including his wife who told the jury about the last time she saw her husband alive.

After the testimony, Barnett agreed to a life sentence under two conditions: he is eligible for parole in 20 years and keeps his right to an appeal.

The judge agreed to the terms. Barnett's formal sentencing is August 6th.

The trial was moved to Montgomery County from Powell County because there were concerns Barnett couldn't get a fair trial in the county where the crime took place.

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