Investigators Return To Scene Of Police-Involved Shooting

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Investigators were back out at a home Wednesday night where a man was shot several times by Lexington police.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, a press conference was held to reveal new information about what led police to shoot Warren Doug Rayburn on Monday.

Monday morning a police officer shot an armed man at home on Arbor Station Way in north Lexington.

During a news conference Wednesday the police chief says the officer acted appropriately.

44-year-old Rayburn is still at UK hospital after being shot several times, currently listed in serious condition.

At the press conference police talked about the chain of events that led to the shooting. Police say they were called to a home on Arbor Station Road for a domestic dispute at around 4:00 a.m.

They say the officers left the home but stayed in the area because they thought the situation might flare back up.

Police say sometime later, Rayburn's girlfriend exited the house and Rayburn followed her with an assault rifle.

Police say they asked Rayburn to drop the weapon but instead, he turned towards them and raised the gun, pointing it in their direction.

That's when police say Officer Matthew Jordan shot Rayburn several times when he didn't put the weapon down.

Rayburn had to undergo surgery and is listed in serious condition. Family members tell us he is still unresponsive.

At the press conference on Wednesday morning, one of Rayburn's family members got in and grilled police about the events of that night.

George Hopper, his former father-in-law, is Rayburn's employer at the business The Happy Glass Man. He says he's never known Doug Rayburn to be a violent man. He says Rayburn is a gun collector, but he was surprised to find out one of those guns was pointed in the direction of an officer.

Hopper says Doug Rayburn is deaf in one ear, and may not have heard the officers tell him to put the gun down.

He says he wanted to be at today's conference to ask officers why his former son-in-law was shot five times.

Police tell us they do not have an exact number of how many times Doug Rayburn was shot just yet. They do say it was multiple times, and they did what was needed to stop him from being a threat to them. Rayburn's fun was loaded with a 30 round magazine.

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