Convict's Confession: Why I Can't Stay Out Of Jail

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He had a second chance at freedom, and threw it away.

Now back in jail ,Richard Roberts is speaking out.

The Stamping Ground native was one of nearly 900 inmates to be given time credits, leading to their early release from prison. Roberts received a credit for 1,006 days.

Out of jail three years early, he says he had a whole new outlook on life. That's what he says, but only weeks after he was released, police say he drove drunk and plowed his pick-up truck through the side of a Lexington home.

Police say alcohol was to blame. Roberts said he had been drinking, but believes that wasn't the only factor in the crash. Roberts does admit he has a drinking problem.

"It's been the downfall of my life, anybody that has an alcohol problem jail can't help them, they have to want to help themselves," he said.

Roberts inferred that in during all of his jail time he never was able to get a handle his alcohol problem, and that's what landed him right back where he started.

But he says this time, he's learned his lesson and he's made a vow to himself. "I'll never pick up the bottle again," he said.

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