Can You Afford To Get Sick?

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When you're sick, hurt or in danger of dying; firefigherts, police, and EMS workers are your lifelines.

But before you call that ambulance you should know, a ride to the hospital is gonna cost more--a lot more. The average cost of an ambulance transport in each of the 3 levels of emergency is going up about $400.00.

"The revenue generated from the ambulance fee goes to the general fund and it helps to defer the cost of Fire and EMS to everyone", says Bill O'Mara The Lexington Urban Fayette County Government Director Of Revenue. O'Mara says the fee doesn't just cover the trip to the hospital. It also goes to help pay for the firefighters' fees, something we're already paying taxes to help cover.


If you don't have insurance, you will be paying that extra 400 dollars. But O'Mara says not everyone will have to pay up. If you have insurance, your policy should cover the higher bill. But medicare and medicaid patients won't pay any extra.


The new higher rate for EMS fees is already in effect.

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