Investigators Search For Cause Of Massive Fire

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Fire investigators continue to search for what caused a massive fire in downtown Lexington.

The warehouse for Star Light and Magic at Jefferson and 2nd St. caught fire Thursday morning. The company specializes in special effects and lighting.

Fire crews were not able to get into the building last week because there were concerns about the structural integrity of the business.

Investigators were able to get closer to the building on Monday and they'll be searching for answers about the cause of the fire. Fire officials say they may need to bring in heavy equipment to help with the search.

Investigators may never actually get inside the burned out building because it isn't safe.

Firefighters spent days pumping out water from the basement of the building but we're told there is still water in the basement.

The fire is still smoldering in places. Fire crews have been on the scene around the clock since the fire broke out, making sure it doesn't start back up.

Mayor Jim Newberry ordered evacuations of people who live on surrounding street on the day the fire broke out. That was because of thick smoke and concern about some of the material housed inside the burning business.

Federal investigators have been spotted at the scene throughout the weekend but Lexington fire officials say that's not unusual given the size of the fire.

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