Ride And Run: Stealing Taxi Rides Becoming Common

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More and more people are using that phrase to hail cabs in Lexington. In fact, the owner of the American Taxi Cab company, Chris Martha, says that as gas prices go up, so does his business.

"People would rather pay for a taxi than fuel up with gas at $4 and $5 dollars a gallon", says Martha.

But he says there are some people that hop into one of his cabs to go to: the bar, their workplace or grocery store; and have no intentions of paying the fare.

"One of our drivers picked up a passenger and took him to the bar from his house", says Martha, and when it was time to pay up, the customer tried to skip out. But before he could, the driver called the police.

Martha says that's happens weekly. "Sometimes people just jump out and run". That free ride taking is really hurting cab drivers. They waste time, gas; and end up ultimately losing money.

Martha hopes that people will stop the ride stealing, because he says his drivers are more than willing to work out a flat rate deal, or a payment program if you realize you can't pay a high fare.

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