Grandmother Heads To Court On Charges Of Leaving Infant Inside Hot Car

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A Berea woman charged with leaving a four-month-old infant inside a hot car Saturday headed to court on Monday.

Berea Police say Wal-Mart employees noticed the child inside the car with the windows rolled up and doors locked.

They called police. Officers got the child out and then met with the grandmother after she came out of the store. The temperature at the time was in the upper 80's, but police tell us that the inside of the car was likely well over 100 degrees.

41-year-old Tammy Gorman was arrested and charged with 2nd degree wanton endangerment.

The infant is okay and is back with his mother. The child's mother says it was a simple mistake and that Gorman would never intentionally hurt the child. She says she probably just forgot the baby was in the car.

Gorman's $7,500 bond was reduced to $5,000 at 10 percent.

At her video arraignment on Monday morning, Gorman had a not guilty plea entered on her behalf.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for August 1.

Gorman is is not allowed to see the infant unsupervised.

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