WKYT Viewer Gives Theft Victim Helping Hand

Earlier this month, 27 NEWSFIRST brought you an investigation into the most stolen car in Lexington. The car was the 1991 Camry, and one woman, Samantha Ellington, who had her Camry stolen also lost a special stroller for her two children who can't walk. One child is a 4-year-old with a severe disability; he can't walk or talk due to a rare disease.

After watching the story of Ellington on WKYT, Miranda Overton says she wanted to help.

Although Ellington still hasn't gotten her car back, Overton donated a double stroller to her family.

She says, "I hope if this ever does happen to me or anyone came to the gesture to be returned."

Ellington says, "We appreciate every little bit. Everyone needs help sometimes, and this helps a lot."

Ellington hasn't lost hope that she'll get her car back as well.

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