Murder Mystery In Wayne County

She was just 24-years-old and her family says they don’t understand why she's dead.

“Child I raised, watched her grow up. Too horrible to explain what happened,” says William Hicks, Julie Burchett’s father.

Police say Burchett was found dead in her car in the parking lot of a local pallet company, a mile or so from her home.

“A Monticello city police officer saw a car parked. He stopped to check it out. He walked up and there was a something not right,” said Wayne County Coroner Forrest Hicks.

Burchett had been stabbed. The coroner wouldn't say how many times but the lead investigator says Burchett's body had multiple wounds. Police say they don't know what she was stabbed with, and her father is at a loss for words.

“It's a horrible feeling, unexplainable to me as far as my inner feelings,” said Hicks.

There is a a lot of fear in the neighborhood near the crime scene. People say they're having trouble sleeping at night since Julie's body was found. What's even more troubling they say is the fact that police say they don't have any suspects.

Police are asking the public for help, and Julie's family is pleading for people to come forward with clues.

“My heart tells me it was a cruel, unjust murder that should never have happened. Whoever did this should be brought to justice,” said William Hicks.

The coroner says he's not sure what time Julie Burchett was killed on Friday, but he says she probably had been in the car for several hours before her body was found.

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