Bank Robbery Suspect Escapes Police Custody

A search is underway Monday for an accused bank robber who has reportedly escaped during a court appearance.

A deputy jailer was taking Jeffrey Pratt into the Robertson County Courthouse when police say Pratt shoved him and jumped into a waiting car.

Police say the car belongs to his mother and was being driven by Pratt's sister who came to attend her brother's court appearance.

Police say Pratt's sister told them she always leaves the keys in the car. Police say when Pratt escaped, he jumped into his mother's car and took off. The car has since been recovered but still no sign of Pratt.

Police believe Pratt is still in the area and are focusing their search in Robertson and Harrison Counties which are a familiar area to the inmate.

The sheriff says that as Pratt was running from the courthouse he was taking off his clothes at the same time. Authorities found his shirt and pants nearby.

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