Police: Man rammed cruiser with stolen truck

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police say a traffic stop led to a chase down a busy road.

Lexington police say an officer saw a truck driving erratically near Third Street and Race street, so he tried to make a traffic stop. They say the officer noticed the truck was reported stolen and, as he was getting out, the truck driver had second thoughts.

"The truck threw it in reverse and slammed it into the police car," said Lt. Chris Van Brackel.

They say the driver led officers on a chase to Richmond Road, then outbound.

"He started passing on the right and during that, sideswiped two vehicles," Van Brackel said.

"Yeah I was shaking up I'm still shaking," said a woman who said her car had been hit by the truck.

"Came out of nowhere. I didn't see him coming. I didn't hear anything just a big smack to the right side of the car and I seen the mirror fly across the car," she said.

Police say they were finally able to stop the truck when it turned onto Lakeshore Drive. They say the truck stopped working in the middle of the road.

Police say the four people inside surrendered. They said the three passengers in the truck weren't involved and so they released them. They arrested the man who they say was driving, Quantez Canada. He's charged with receiving stolen property, fleeing and evading, and wanton endangerment, among other charges.

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