Lexington Strip Club Catches Fire

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Just before 10:00 p.m. Monday, Lexington firefighters responded to a call of a fire at the Deja Vu nightclub on New Circle Road.

Upon arrival, flames were visible from the front of the building.

The fire was contained to the outside of the building. However, heavy smoke filled the club and forced the evacuation of everyone inside.

One witness told 27 NEWSFIRST, no one really knew what was going on until firefighters came into the building, telling everyone to get out because the building was on fire.

"People were panicking and screaming and their was so much smoke inside the building. We all started running outside. One girl fell down in front of me. It was just wild," said Brandon Stewart, a witness.

There were no reports of any injuries. It's believed a short in electrical wiring caused the fire.

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