Judge Rules In Favor Of CentrePointe

A Fayette circuit judge ruled in favor of the controversial CentrePointe project today. Judge Pamela Goodwine says she found no legal basis for an injunction on demolition of eight buildings. That means demolition can begin as soon as possible.

The hearing began Tuesday morning over the demolition of eight buildings in between Main and Vine Streets.

A group called Preserve Lexington was seeking an injunction to stop the Webb Companies from tearing down buildings on South Upper Street.

Circuit Judge Pamela Goodwine has said she wanted to hear both sides of the controversial proposal.

This morning attorneys for Preserve Lexington presented their case saying they want to Webbs to incorporate the historic buildings into the building's design. In the afternoon, CentrePointe's developers argued their case. The judge issued her ruling just before 5 P.M.

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