Rash Of Car Break-Ins

Sheriff's Deputies in Montgomery County are trying to find who is responsible for a rash of car break-ins.

More than a dozen cars were reportedly broken into in Mount Sterling's Green Hills neighborhood overnight. The victims say they've never seen problems like this before.

"I told her, somebody had been in the car, and when I came out, the stereo was ripped out of my dash, the glove box had been dropped down," William Ballard said. Ballard's car was broken into last night.

Mostly stereos, purses, cash and medication were stolen. In about half the cases, the windows were smashed in and in other cases the cars were unlocked. Police say they are already having trouble with crime because of high gas prices. They say they can't patrol patrol the streets as much as they'd like because of the climbing prices.

Deputies say they do have at least one person of interest in the case, but don't expect to make an arrest any time soon.

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