Suspicious Fire Destroys Frankfort Home

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A Frankfort family woke up to smoke and flames inside their home and investigators are now looking into arson as the cause.

The fire broke out Tuesday in the early morning hours at a home on Brooksfield Drive, where Melissa Akers and her family lived. Nearby neighbors say there's been a rash of crimes in their neighborhood lately, including a mattress being burned a few days ago, and a home being robbed a couple of weeks ago.

Investigators say the fire looks suspicious and they are looking into arson.

Neighbor David Lynn says the entire home went up quickly, and his four neighbors luckily got out safely. He woke up around 3:30 this morning to knocking on his door by his neighbors, alerting him of the blaze, and had his sister call police.

David Lynn says the family told him that they heard knock at the door around 1:00 A.M., but when they answered no one was there. The fire happened a couple of hours later.

If anyone would like to donate items for the Aker's family, they can take them to the Evergreen Baptist Church in Frankfort and give them to Karen McCormick. The family lost everything they had in this early morning blaze.

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