Riding For Wesley's Place

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It's being built to honor a young central Kentucky murder victim, but organizers of Wesley's Place, a Paris community building named after 6-year-old Wesley Mullins, are now running into some problems.

They say they still need lots of money to keep the project going.

Bikers with big hearts want to make sure that a 3,000 square foot office building will be erected on the site where Wesley Mullins was killed in Paris.

"What they're trying to do with the organization is a great thing that's going to help a lot of kids in the future. The guys that went on that run that morning will never forget it," says Greg Harrison, the president of Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club.

Wesley's Place will house non-profit child protection groups or similar organizations. The Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club hopes to raise a big part of the building's $325,000 price this Saturday with it's annual Poker Run.

"We will start it at Station 3 Fire Department in Winchester Industrial Park. At each stop they draw a card and at the end of the ride they have five cards. We give away a little bit of money as well as a trophy. Probably 90% of the time, whoever wins the money, they keep the trophy and donate the money back being it's such a good cause. It's a nationwide motorcycle club throughout the United States. It consists of firefighters and a lot of people related to the fire service," Harrison says.

The regional chapter of the Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club based in Winchester has made benefiting children's causes it's #1 priority.

"That's been our goal. We set that several years ago and we've made a lot of what we feel are great donations to several children's charities. We have the general public come and ride with us in it. The rider pays $20, the passenger will be $10. We could raise a lot of money with this," he says.

Registration for the motorcycle ride begins at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday.

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