Theft Victim Gets Unexpected Blessing

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A good samaritan brings a gift from thousands of miles away to a Lexington woman who's fallen on hard times.
Samantha Ellington, a mother of two, had her car stolen earlier this month. She didn't know where to turn and that's when the unexpected happened.

Retired Mercer County teacher Pat Hoefle, who lives in Lexington, donated a car to Ellington.

It's a 1991 Toyota Camry, nearly identical to the one stolen from Ellington.

"This means so much to me, you have know idea, wow," said Ellington.
"It's my pleasure. I'm happy to do it," said Hoefle.

Hoeful says she got the idea after she saw Ellington's story on 27 NEWSFIRST.

She drove the car 2,450 miles from Seattle, Washington to Lexington.

The car belonged to Hoeflel's sister who had passed away from breast cancer in February.

"This is something positive that can come from my sister's death. I hope it will make Samantha's life much easier as well as her family's," Hoefle said.

"She really doesn't know how much this means. I know I keep saying it, but she is truly a life-saver," Ellington went on to say.

Just last week, another good samaritan donated a double stroller to Ellington.

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