Convicted Killer Speaks Out About Social Worker's Murder

He's a convicted killer, but now a man who told a judge he killed a Kentucky social worker says he didn't do it.

Police arrested Christopher Luttrell and his girlfriend Renee Terrell for the 2006 murder of Boni Frederick. Now just four days after pleading guilty, Luttrell is changing his story.

In a jailhouse interview Luttrell said he was holding Renee Terrell's son while she was in another room killing Frederick. Luttrell said Terrell opened the door covered in blood and said they had to leave.

But later Luttrell said his girlfriend did say something, this time skillet in hand. He says Terrell told him to finish killing the social worker and he refused.

But Commonwealth's Attorney Bill Markwell says that's not what happened. He believes the truth lies in a 50 page manuscript Luttrell wrote in jail. Markwell says Luttrell was waiting in a closet for Frederick. Then he and Terrell attacked the social workers with knives and a skillet.

Even Luttrell admits he wouldn't believe his own story if someone else told it. He says he changed his story to protect his girlfriend.

Renee Terrell's trial begins in September. Luttrell will not face the death penalty, because a judge ruled his IQ is too low.

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