Strong Winds Damage Lake Cumberland Resort

No one was staying in the Cottages at Lee’s Ford Marina and Resort when the storm hit Tuesday afternoon. They had checked out that morning. Some say had the rooms been full of guests, there could have been fatalities.

Kim Sage was cleaning up some rooms when she says what began with some rain, quickly turned dangerous.

“Everything started swirling. The wind came up. It hit really fast,” she said.

Her words tell a vivid story of the destruction of 70 mile per hour winds.

“All of a sudden a big crash came down and the tree came down and crushed 4 to 5 lodges there,” Sage said.

No one was in one room when a limb crashed through the ceiling and landed on a bed.

“No one was hurt. We were all in the restaurant when the storm hit. We gathered in the restaurant and didn't realize it had occurred until it was over and looked outside,” said Lee’s Ford Owner J.D. Hamilton.

It was frightening for people away from the lake but terrifying for those actually on the lake, who say they experienced waves 3 to 4 feet high.

“My boat is a 24 foot boat, big tall boat, those waves were coming over top my boat. The windshield over the top. It was huge,” said Doug Zelik, who’s been vacationing on Lake Cumberland from Dayton, Ohio.

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