Firefighters Find Point Of Origin For Massive Lexington Fire

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We're learning more about a massive fire that destroyed a Lexington business.

Last Thursday's fire, at Star Light and Magic on Jefferson Street, caused a few small explosions inside, and forced people living nearby to evacuate.

Now, investigators say they know where the fire started.

Part of their report into the fire was released Wednesday. Lexington Fire Department Assistant Chief Chuck Fowler says the fire's point of origin was the right rear area of the building's basement.

The official cause of the fire is still undetermined. Fowler says it's possible the cause may never be determined, because the building suffered heavy damage.

The owner and employees of Star Light and Magic were allowed back into the building for the first time Wednesday, to clean up the damage.

This was tough for owner Remy Simpson, who says he lost eleven pets in the blaze.

"That to me is the biggest loss of all. The loss of my animals I cared so much about", Simpson said.

Simpson says the area the fire started in is surprising since nothing was flammable or plugged up in that area of the business.

"We stored lighting equipment and fog machines down there, all unplugged, and sold new", Simpson said.

Simpson says he does plan on rebuilding this business. This time, they will have a sprinkler system.

"It's something we weren't able to do before but maybe we can juggle money around so we put less in the building and more toward the sprinkler system", says Simpson.

Fire officials say at this time there is nothing to make them believe that this fire was caused by arson.

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