Police: Deadly Shooting Was Self Defense

It's not the kind of violence people on Hwy. 635 near Science Hill say they're used to seeing, but on Wednesday night, a man saw a fist fight turn deadly, right before his eyes.

“A pick-up truck rolled in over at the neighbor's house. My neighbor came out, guy jumped out of the passenger side and swung at him,” said the Ky. 635 resident, who asked not to be identified.

Police say the people in the truck he described were Jim Wesley Goff, Goff's wife, Heather, and Jim Strunk. Police say they were armed with a wooden club and went to Joshua Pyles home to assault him.

“And they got into a (fist fight). The driver got out, that made it two on one, and then the neighbor across the street was helping him, helping even it out,” said the witness.

It was actually the second time in two days police say Goff was found at Pyles’ home. Police say he was arrested for attempted burglary Tuesday night and then after he was released from jail sometime on Wednesday, he returned there.

“Evidently the victim was harboring hard feelings over being arrested the night before,” said Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood.

Police say Pyles shot Goff in self defense and no charges were filed against him. Goff died of gunshot wounds to the face and his alleged accomplices, Heather Goff and Jim Strunk, were arrested on assault charges.

“They were active participants in the event. They traveled with the shooting victim to the scene,” said Sheriff Wood.

Police say Pyles was injured in the assault, but he was treated at the scene.

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