Animal Officials Busy with Rabid Bat Concerns

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There's still some concern over rabies here in Central Kentucky now that five rabid animals have been found over the last week.

Two bats in Lexington and three skunks in Woodford County were reported to have the disease, and it has more people paying attention to these animals.

The phone calls are coming in for those that deal with animals.

"I had one the other night over on 6th street. A bat was flying around the house and the lady said it sounds funny. I'd rather not have to deal with it especially in light of the fact we've had rabid bats found in the Woodland Park area", says Dr. Chris Christensen.

Dr. Chris Christensen works for Critter Control.

"We have thousands of bats in the area", Dr. Christensen says.

He says he and his employees have been busy lately, especially after a second bat tested positive for rabies this week in Lexington in the Hampton Court area, and then three skunks in Woodford County.

"That's more rabies we've had reported in the area in a long time", says Dr. Christensen.

That's enough to have people like Erin Calihan, who lives in the area where a rabid bat was found, a little worried for her small daughter.

"Makes you be a little more observant as to what's going on in the area," says Calihan.

Being observant is exactly what Dr. Christensen recommends, especially for children.

"Let them know, if they find something small and furry on the ground...go get your mommy," says Dr. Christensen.

If you find an animal or bat you believe is rabid you are encouraged to contact Animal Control, officials that deal with animals, or the Health Dept.

For more on rabies, how you get it, and how to prevent it, click on the following link.
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