Meth-Contaminated Homes Destroyed

Friday night, police and fire officials burned four homes involved in a meth investigation in Jackson County.

The investigation unfolded after a dog attack in led police to the discovery of drug activity on Thursday night.

It happened on Yellow Dog Road in McKee, that's in Jackson County.

Four-year-old pit bull "Ox" is now in quarantine in Estill County. His owner, Stephanie Bishop, says her dog was trying to get attention from Robert Fields, but he took it the wrong way. She says Fields got a hammer out of his truck and swung it at the dog. She says at that point, Ox started attacking Fields.

Bishop says she, along with her brother, Randy Spurlock, rushed to pull Ox off of Fields. They were both bitten in the process.

Spurlock suffered the most serious injuries. He was bitten on the neck, head, arms and legs. He was airlifted to UK Hospital. Bishop and Fields were both taken to a hospital in Berea. All three victims have since been released.

Police say when the arrived to investigate the dog attack they found five working meth labs in four homes. Police say all those homes belong to members of one family. Police say they also found pills and marijuana plants in some of the homes.

We're told the homes were so contaminated by the meth chemicals, the fire department will burn them down on Friday night.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Bishop says she's determined to bring her dog, Ox, back home.

Late Friday afternoon, Stephanie Bishop was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and endangering the welfare of a minor. Police say she had an 11-year-old staying with her in the home.

The police chief says he has three more warrants to serve in regard to the case.

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