Man Indicted In High Profile Double Murder

It's been a long six and a half years for Sherry Moore. Much of that time has been spent wondering who killed her son, Bo, and his friend, Ryan Shangraw.

“I just prayed with faith that it would be solved. But I didn't know when. But this year, I had a feeling it would be soon,” Moore said on Friday.

Upton and Shangraw were inside Shangraw's trailer in February 2002 when police say some people burst in and killed both.

After six years of dried up clues, rewards and pleas for help, police say a suspect finally turned himself in in April. He was a juvenile when Upton and Shangraw were killed and officials have not released his name.

“That's been very difficult for me. How can he be protected when he's a murderer or a murder suspect?” asked Moore.

The indictment that was returned Friday morning against the murder suspect was sealed. That's because of a statute that says juvenile offenders, or those who are juveniles at the time of their offense, must both be indicted and arraigned before their identity is revealed.

The suspect's day in court is scheduled for August 22nd. Moore plans to be there.

“But can you imagine being face to face with the person who killed your child? A lot of prayer, that's going to take a lot of prayer,” said Moore.

Police have hinted of other pending arrests. But since April there's been only one.

“So I'm just praying that if there's more people involved, that they will get every one of them. And take their freedom away. If you've murdered someone, taking your freedom away is not asking too much.”

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