Project Green: Zap Cars Waiting For Approval

Record high gas prices have many people looking for alternatives and if two state lawmakers have there way a car of the future may soon be on Kentucky roadways.

In today's Project Green report I get behind the wheel of a car where you can by-pass the pump and just plug-in for power.

Of all the cars on this Paris car lot, one is all the talk right now.

"We've been swamped, people want to buy the vehicle, they want to use the vehicle." says Dan Cummins of Dan Cummins Chevrolet.

This peculiar thing is a Zap truck, there is also the Zap sedan.

"The first thing people automatically ask what kind of gas mileage does it get? It doesn't even use gas." says Cummins.

Its totally electric. That's why this vehicle is gaining popularity! Dan Cummins has been in the car business for years, he says these Zap cars are the alternative to rising gas prices.

"There's the power house, its powered by six lead acid 12 volt batteries which makes it a 72 volt system." says Cummins.

These three wheeled cars are only meant for urban commuting, not major highway travel. They go about 40 miles per hour and one charge will take you about 40 miles.

"This all you need to refuel." says Cummins, just a simple electric cord.

So instead of paying at the pump, you plug in. The average recharge, six to eight hours at a cost of about 60 cents.

While that may be a puls, what's not a plus, no airbags

The Zap cars do meet all federal safety guidelines required.

Cummins likens the vehicles to motorcycles. if you wouldn't be comfortable riding one of those, he says these cars might not be for you.

Cummins thinks as the vehicles become more mainstream more safety features will be added.

He hopes Kentucky will be the next state for Zaps zipping along.

If you are thinking about making the switch to electric. a Zap vehicle will run you about twelve thousand dollars

Right now a bill is on the table that if approved would legalize Zaps in Kentucky.

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