Family Feud Sends Man To Hospital

Neighbors say it's common to hear brothers Derek and Ronnie Jervis fuss and fight but police say what they found early Monday morning was a first.

“That's a first for my career, in 10 years, that anyone's ever been shot with a bow and arrow,” said Det. Tommy Johnston with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Dept.

Just what led up to Ronnie Jervis with arrows in both his arm and hip remains under investigation, but police say it may have started with reports of Derek Jervis taking something that belonged to his older brother, Ronnie.

Police say Ronnie forced Derek's door open and they fought in the living room. Ronnie was armed with a knife and police say Derek's only recourse was possibly his bow and arrow.

“Throughout the investigation it was found that he had been shot with a bow and arrow by his brother,” said Det. Johnston.

No charges were filed.

Instead, police say it appears that Derek Jervis was simply fighting back after Ronnie Jervis cut him with a knife and even cut off the electricity to his house.

“At this point it looks like it's going to be self defense but it's still under investigation,” said Det. Johnston.

Ronnie Jervis remains at UK Hospital in Lexington in fair condition.

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