Unitarian Univeralists Hold Services For Victims

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More than 1,000 people turned up for a memorial for the victims of a church shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee. Services were also held at Unitarian Universalist Churches all across the nation, including Lexington.

The president of the Unitarian Universalist Association of
Congregations told the crowd they were there "to make sense of the

Jim David Adkisson is being held on 1 million dollars' bond, charged
with one count of murder and more charges are expected. Authorities
say he opened fire on the congregation Sunday, killing two people
and wounding several others. Four victims remain hospitalized,
including two who are in critical condition.

Authorities say Adkisson left behind a note suggesting he
targeted the church because "he hated the liberal movement."

A church official says Adkisson's ex-wife once belonged to the
church, but hadn't attended in years. Investigators have described
the out-of-work truck driver as a "stranger" to the congregation.

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