New Clues Surface About Missing Floyd County Man

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He vanished without a trace more than two-months ago, but there are now new clues in the search for a missing southeastern Kentucky man.

Sampie Sparkman, 62, was last seen leaving his Floyd County home on May 15th on his way to Somerset to visit his daughter, but he never made it.

Now, an overdue credit card bill may hold the key to finding out what happened.

"I received a call from my father's credit card company, about his bill," said Sparkman's daughter, Nancy Sparkman.

"So I called the company to make them aware of the situation, then found out someone, if not my father had made a purchase on the card three weeks after he went missing," said Nancy.

But as soon as she started asking more questions, she says the company got quiet and asked for her father's account number, which she didn't have.

"I then reported it to the police, who I believe are in contact with the company now, trying to figure it out," said Nancy.

The purchase was made on June 6th, about three weeks after Sparkman's disappearance.

"It gives us hope, that maybe he's still alive, but it also makes us wonder who else could have his card," said Nancy.

Now she just wants closure one way or another.

"Even if he's found dead, at least he will be found and we can bring him home," Nancy said.

State Police are investigating the purchase, but say it is too early to say what it might lead to.

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