Man Chases Burglars From Son's Home

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A Boyle County man says he interrupted three burglars breaking into his son's home, and ended up chasing after them.

The burglary happened early this morning at a home in the Candlewood Subdivision in Danville.

Ernest Gooch says burglaries are something he's unfortunately getting used to in his neighborhood.

"My trailer got stolen recently", Gooch said.

His son has now become a target. His SUV has been broken into and his home burglarized three times, which was why Gooch was keeping an eye out this morning on his son's home since his son was out of town.

"I walk the neighborhood every night with my dog and check on the house...walk it every night. I walked the corner down here and could tell someone was in the back of the house from where I was looking. These guys are rolling a cart up the hill that came out of the garage that I know came out of my garage", says Gooch.

Ernest Gooch says they did get away with some items like an X-Box and speakers, but now he's having to clean up the mess they left within the home...broken windows, trash thrown around, and plenty of damage.

"That's personal. You can steal something and be in and out, but when you stay around to vandalize, that's personal," says Gooch.

Now as Ernest Gooch says police are looking for the three people who did this, he is too.

"Did you break into my house this morning? You didn't break into my house? Where were you at this morning?", Gooch asked a Boyle County resident on the phone.

Ernest Gooch says he does not believe this burglary was random. He says he does think the three young men that did this knew his son.

We did speak with Danville Police today who tell us they believe the suspects were young men, and that so far no arrests have been made.

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