Arrest Made In Death Of Pregnant KY Soldier

We're learning more about a solider from Kentucky who was found murdered, earlier this year.

Police in North Carolina held a news conference on Wednesday morning about an arrest in the northern Kentucky soldier's death.

Megan Touma's body was discovered in a North Carolina hotel room last month. On Tuesday night, they announced a suspect in the case.

The biggest news coming out the press conference was that Edgar Patino is being charged with first degree murder.

Police are also saying that murdered soldier, Megan Touma, was pregnant with Patino's child. He's a married man.

It was also said that Touma had been dead for more than a week before her body was discovered in a Fayetteville hotel room.

But for all we do now know, there are lots of things we don't. Authorities can't say, exactly when Touma died, why she was killed or how she was killed.

They say processing the evidence to get those answers will take more time. Investigators say it will take months to complete the investigation

Authorities at Fort Bragg, where Touma was stationed, as well as authorities in Germany, where Patino and Touma were stationed together, are digging for clues.

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