Some In Berea Say Construction Project Is Damaging Homes

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Jimmy McGuire built his home in 1985, a combination of rock and cement, along Richmond Road in Berea.

Last year R.B. construction began blasting rock to make room for a new subdivision in the lot next to McGuire's.

The construction company claims they obtained the proper permits and even kept the blasting below the allotted level within Kentucky law.

Still, McGuire claims the blasting caused cracks in his rock wall, cracks that he says were not there before the work started.

R.B. construction tells a different story and says they have the pictures to back it up, pictures that were taken before the blasting and show the same cracks McGuire talks about.

McGuire says he's never seen the photos but still maintains the blasting caused the damage and is asking the construction company to pay for repairs.

R.B. construction says these complaints are part of doing business and they would happily compensate anyone who can prove the blasting is to blame.

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