Shooting Victim Speaks Out

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For the first time, an Estill County man talks about what happened the day he was shot in a home invasion earlier this month.
Police are still looking for the suspect who did this.

Three o'clock in the morning on July 3rd. It's now a time and day that 23-year-old Chad Newman will never forget.

"Just getting to go to bed and as soon as I turned my TV on they busted the door open," Newman says.

A man Newman didn't recognize came in his home and demanded money".

"He said give me your money and I said I don't have any money".

Chad Newman says when he reached under his couch to grab his gun, the intruder shot him twice.

"Once right here in my jaw and once in my neck. It shattered my jawbone and fractured my 1st and 2nd vertebrate. It just happened so quick I was terrified. Finally made it to my feet and made it outside and got to road because I knew it didn't get to the road I would die in here," Newman says.

Chad Newman says he's now come a long way.

"It's a miracle that I'm even alive".

But, reminders of that shooting are everywhere. Bullet fragments are still left within his head and vertebrate, and a bullet hole in his wall, and making things even more tough was another break-in to his home recently.

"Came here 2 or 3 days ago and someone busted through that window, I guess trying to get all my stuff".

Chad Newman says he's just ready for the person who did this to him to be behind bars so that he can finally feel safe again".

"Makes me real nervous! Don't want to go nowhere or do anything until they catch him!"

Police are still looking for the man who shot Chad Newman. If you have any information, please call Kentucky State Police in Richmond at (859) 623-2404.

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