More L.A. Weight Loss Stores Close Their Doors

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More customers at L.A. Weight Loss centers in central Kentucky are reporting closures.

We've learned that the Frankfort store is now closed. Members there were told to go to the two Lexington locations instead, but both of those have shut down as well.

Members say they're concerned about how they'll be refunded for pre-paid services.

L.A. Weight Loss member Marcie Morrow says last week it was business as usual at her L.A. Weight Loss at Beaumont Centre, but this week was a different story.

"I went in there yesterday to do my normal weigh in, and the door was locked; the lights were off," says Morrow.

After contacting the fitness program's district manager, Morrow says she and other confused members were told the two Lexington L.A. Weight Loss centers were shutting down, and it was unclear how and if they would be refunded their money.

WKYT tried contacting L.A. Weight Loss managers at the Hamburg Pavilion but employees didn't comment and would not confirm whether offices were closing down.

However, Morrow says she was already given some options for her time and money lost, but it didn't include money back.

"She also suggested that maybe we take what fund we were due out in product as a trade out, but at this point, I don't need any product, just the service promised," says Morrow.

Morrow says she spent $2,000 on the program but credits it for helping her lose 60 pounds.

"My feelings are hurt because I had been doing so well, and I wanted to finish it," says Morrow.

So far members tell us they haven't received any written notice about a closure.

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