27NEWSFIRST Investigates: Hidden Danger In Swimming Pools

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With 3 recent near drownings and one death in public pools in Kentucky, the topic of pool safety has heated up.

Kiah Milsom, 14, died a week after being sucked into a drain in the pool at Aintree Apts. in Lexington. Investigators say the top of the drain had come off and Milsom was pulled under.

Pool builder Check Mattingly said this most recent incident as well as other tragedies could be avoided. Mattingly said Kentucky needs to allow public pools to be built without main drains. He said that would keep people from being able to be pulled under by the drains, but will still allow pools to be kept clean.

Kentucky Assistant Director of Public Health, Guy Delius, said that may be part of the solution, but said a new federal law which requires anti-entanglement devices on all public pools will increase safety.

The law goes into effect in December, but Mattingly said pools will not be completley safe until drains are done away with.

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