Mosquito Season Starting Early Across The Bluegrass

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Mosquitoes have been breeding earlier this year across the bluegrass. This summer has been much wetter than last year, and because mosquitoes use water to breed, we could see a spike in the insects this season.

Logan Minter, UK Entomology Dept, says, " It depends on the weather. If we have a dry snap, we could knock the population way down. If it stays wet, the population could go way up."

The number one way to help keep the mosquito population under control is to use "source reduction". This method helps limit the area the mosquitoes can breed.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water such as ponds, puddles, and bird baths. They will also breed in potted plants, gutters, and in any other container where water settles.

Also, avoid the peak mosquito times of day which are during the dusk and dawn hours.

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