Break-In On One Car Leaves Another Stolen

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Several cars have been broken into the past couple of days outside homes along Darby Creek Road. One of the break-in's even left one man without his car.

Brandon Reed now has his Ford Explorer back safe and sound, but not without a little damage.

"They ripped my console out, but left my school stuff luckily", Reed says.

Lexington police discovered his Explorer early this morning after being stolen from the parking lot where Reed lives.

"I've never known anyone to have their car stolen, and then mine was", Reed says.

Brandon Reed says the person who took his car first broke into his girlfriend's car that was parked next to him, where they found his spare key to his car.

Reed says he's now happy to have his car back, but something he's not too thrilled about is having to change the locks to his Explorer, home, and mailbox since he's now missing those keys.

Brandon Reed says he's offering a reward to anyone who has information that will lead to the arrest of the person who stole his car from his Darby Creek townhouse. He is encouraging anyone with information to call Lexington police.

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