Man Convicted of DUI Related Murder Speaks Out From Jail.

He says his family always tried to help him live a better life. His daughter, who's in an Oklahoma Christian college..and his mother...led that charge.

“My mom tried to get me to the right thing. I'm paying for it now,” said Garner Thursday, from the Whitley County Detention Center in Williamsburg.

Garner was convicted of two counts of murder, fetal homicide and assault because he drove more than 90 miles an hour while drunk, hit 3 cars, killed 2 people including a pregnant woman and injured four others. But now, Garner says he's a changed man.

“If it wasn't for the Lord. I wouldn't be here now,” he said.

Garner says he goes to jailhouse church services, reads Christian books..and thinks about the victims of the accident almost non stop. And he says if there's any good to come out of his's a message about alcohol.

“The message out there is alcohol is a drug. The message is it lowers your body senses. That's the first thing that goes,” said Garner.

Garner received the maximum penatly possible. 3 consecutive life sentences, and 4 consecutive 20 year sentences on the assault charges was the jury recommendation returned Wednesday. But Garner says he's not surprised the jury wants him locked away for so long.

“I kind of had a feeling it might go that way,” he said.

Garner says his incarceration is a lesson for others to learn.

“Actually that might be good thing. It might keep someone from doing it again, “ Garner said.

He says he wants to sit down with the victims' families and apologize to them in person.

“I didn't hurt nobody on purpose. I’d never do that. I've always tried to help people.”

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