Widow Sends Message To Grave Robber

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She lost her husband of 48 years last October to cancer.

Just this week, the Menifee County woman discovered someone stole decorations from his grave.

Instead of going to police, Charlene Tufono, turned to prayer and a local paper in hopes of deterring others from stealing.

"I would like to begin this letter with a request for prayer for the person who took the bird house and solar church house from my husband's grave at Lovely Cemetery," Charelen Tufono wrote in the Letters to the Editor section of this weeks edition of the Mt. Sterling Advocate.

"I just want you to know, you didn't steal from me, you stole from a dead man," she went on to write.

Tufono says while the petty crime upset her, the purpose of the letter, wasn't to scold the thief, but to reach out to them and pray for them.

"He always, my husband, found the good in people and that's what he would want be to do in this situation," said Tufono.

Her husband, Carl Tufano, died a year ago October, of cancer. "He was diagnosed and died ten days later. It's still a nightmare for all of us," said Tufono.

But while it's been an incredibly difficult year on her family, she hopes the letter will make an impact on those who read it, because that's what her husband would of wanted.

"He was a wonderful person and I miss him dearly and I don't feel like I wrote the letter, he did," said Tufono.

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