New Leads in 1975 Murder Case

A cold murder case in southern Ohio is heating up in eastern Kentucky after more than 30 years.

State police in Pikeville are teaming up with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to try and solve a murder case from 1975.

It's been 33 years since 23-year-old Woodrow Perroud was murdered at a rest area in Pike County, Ohio, but now, the Ohio State Highway Patrol says they have some new leads, which take them to Pike County, Kentucky.

“The firearm that was used in that murder case has found its way into Pike County, Kentucky,” Kentucky State Police Sgt. Steve Spurlock said.

Ohio police say Perroud was found shot in the head. He was killed with a .38 caliber handgun in the Wakefield Mound rest area on US-23.

“We know that the murder weapon was, after the murder was committed here in Ohio, the murder weapon was disposed of in the river there in Levisa Fork River,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Linda Piechnik said.

They say around 20 people have stepped up and given information about the case.

“We re-opened the case just because it is a cold case and we're trying to look at all our cold cases that have been unsolved and a lot of people after 33 years have decided to talk to us,” Sgt. Piechnik said.

They're still looking for more, though.

Police in both Kentucky and Ohio say to contact them immediately if you have any information; no matter how small you may think it is.

“If anybody's got any information. It might be something they might feel is insignificant but it may be very important to the investigation,” KSP Sgt. Spurlock said.

Police say the next step is to send a dive team into the Levisa Fork River to search for the weapon. Police say dive teams from the Millard/East Shelbiana Fire Department will search the Levisa Fork River in the coming week.

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