Elderly Woman Dies After Attack During Burglary

More than a week ago, an elderly Frankfort woman was assaulted during a burglary at her home. On Friday, she passed away.

But investigators don't yet know if they can consider this case a homicide.

Police tell us this can can not automatically be labeled a murder now, pending results of an autopsy.

The burglary occurred on July 21st in the early morning hours at an immaculately kept home on E. Campbell Street.

The police report simply notes forcible entry on the first floor, but what complicates this whole thing is that 88-year-old Elizabeth Eddins did not seek medical treatment at the time of the break-in, and it's still unclear what injuries Eddins suffered during the burglary or exactly how she received them.

"They weren't clearly visible or weren't apparent, an outward injury that would be easily visible to anyone," said Major Fred Deaton with the Frankfort Police Department.

Neighbors tell us Eddins was suffering from a pre-existing condition.

"Oh, she'd been having lots of difficulties over a period of a year or two," said neighbor Mark Thornewill. "She'd been in and out of the hospital a couple of times I guess. She was having a lot of bad days. We all of us here respected her for just being a very solid, caring, loving person whose roots went very deep in the community here"

Commonwealth's Attorney Larry Cleveland tells me there is a suspect in this case who had not yet been arrested, but he recommended Friday that suspect be brought in for questioning.

Police are requesting that anyone with information about this crime contact Detective Alan Burton, who is handling the case, at (502) 875-8523.

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