Crews Search For Teen's Body In Ohio River

Rescue crews are combing the Ohio River Friday afternoon, searching for a missing 19-year-old man who is presumed dead.

Police say the drowning happened along the Indiana shore, not far from Louisville.

Authorities say the 19-year-old was wading with a 12-year-old boy in waist high water, when currents pulled them into the river.

The 12-year-old boy was pulled from the water and is OK. He was swimming with the 19-year-old, Rhan Dahn of Clarksville, at around 8:30 Thursday night. That's the last time anyone saw him.

The 12-year-old, a brother of Rahn Dahn's girlfriend, was spotted by a fisherman. He swam to an elevated structure after he had gone under.

Rescue crews started searching for Dahn at 10 Thursday night and only took a break during the pre-dawn hours.

On Friday, search crews were out in two boats, using sonar equipment and divers to try and find Dahn.

We're told they even took the 12-year-old boy out in a boat, to pinpoint where the two went under.

Crews say the search is limited to a 30 to 40 acre area.

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