Pulaski Police Dog Helps Nab Suspect

Police say Chad Owen put up quite a fight Thursday morning and even fought the police dog in a battle that the dog eventually won.

Early that morning on Ky. 1664, police say their K-9, Nero, was the answer to a suspect who simply refused to give up.

“Suspect under arrest had assaulted a 15-year-old male, threatened to kill the live in girlfriend,” said Chief Deputy Larry Wesley with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Dept.

Police say Chad Owen was considered armed and dangerous and when deputies showed up, he ran.

“K-9 responded, tracked him a quarter of a mile, crossed a couple of fences, found the man laying near a fence,” said Wesley.

The deputies ordered Owen to surrender but he refused to show his hands. Nero was sent in and police say Owen even fought with the dog, but the dog eventually won by biting Owen in the shoulder. Police say Owen then surrendered his hands, but there was still some fight left in him.

“After he disengaged, the officer approached to handcuff him, he again became combative, had to be pepper sprayed,” said Wesley.

Owen remains in jail under a $4,000 dollar cash or property bond. He's charged with assault, resisting arrest, fleeing police, and alcohol intoxication.

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