Comair Civil Trial Canceled

A civil trial over the crash of Comair flight 5191 has been canceled.

Victims' families who sued the airline were scheduled to go to trial Monday, but late Friday afternoon, the judge called off the trial after a wave of last minute settlements.

It's been nearly two years since Comair flight 5191 went down after taking off from the wrong runway at Blue Grass Airport. 49 people died in the crash.

The families of 45 of them sued the airline, claiming it was negligent because its pilots took off from the wrong runway causing the crash.

Federal investigators listed several contributing factors to the crash but ultimately blamed pilot error.

Earlier this year, dozens of lawsuits remained unsettled, but a federal judge ordered the attorneys to meet with Comair to work out a deal to try and avoid a trial.

The last-minute push worked. As of Friday, only two Kentucky cases are pending.

We're told one is close to a settlement and the judge is allowing more time. The other family just hired a new attorney who was allowed more time to review the case. There is a third lawsuit pending in federal court in Florida.

The judge's office tells us there are still lawsuits pending against James Polehinke, the lone survivor and co-pilot of flight 5191. He was at the controls when the jet went down.

Comair also has legal action pending against the government. They claim the Federal Aviation Administration should also share the blame for the crash and share in the responsibility.

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