Frustrated Father Speaks Out On Deadly Hit And Run

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It's been more than three months since a UK student was hit and killed while trying to cross a street in downtown Lexington.

Shannon Houser, of Lexington, faces charges in connection with the case, but so far no one has been charged with killing 18 year old Connie Blount.

And that's what has her father very frustrated. Jack Blount came back to Lexington Friday, to talk to 27NEWSFIRST about his mission to make sure someone pays for the crime.

"He did it, he admitted to it, he hit and killed my daughter and then took off like a coward, when he could of rendered aid and maybe saved her life," said Jack Blount.

Blount says the current charges Shannon Houser is facing, leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with physical evidence, is not enough.

"I'm asking anyone with information, no matter how small, to come forward, we need to know what Houser was doing before and after the accident, I believe it could lead to a homicide charge," Blount told NEWSFIRST.

Houser spent one day in jail for the accident and quickly bonded out.

"My daughter, my 18 year old daughter is dead because of his carelessness and disregard for human life and he gets to walk freely everyday, like nothing happened," said Blount.

Police say they continue to investigate and are also asking anyone with information to call the Lexington Police Department at (859) 258-3600.

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