Fallen tree traps man inside Lexington home

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Overnight storms left damage in several areas around Lexington. Just off Harrodsburg Road, a tree fell onto the back of a home and trapped a person inside.

“I was in the kitchen area and heard an extremely loud noise," says Alex York, who was trapped inside once the tree fell. "I looked into my bedroom and realized half the ceiling had collapsed and noticed some large branches that were also in the interior. I realized, obviously, that a tree had fallen."

Around 10:00 Wednesday night, Alex York says a tree fell onto the roof of his home on Lynn Road. He lives in an addition in the back of the home, which only has one way out.

The tree was blocking the door and rain was pouring in from the roof, so York had no choice but to call for help. Firefighters were able to get him out through a window within about 10 minutes.

Thursday morning, York and his roommates took a look at the damage, and even though it is extensive, he says it could’ve been worse.

“Didn't realize until this morning how big the tree actually was but we have some people coming to cut down the tree and get it cleaned up, so we'll be back on our feet soon," York says.

In addition to outside damage, there's also water damage from rain on the inside of the home.

York and his roommates say they do have renter's insurance and have already been in contact with their landlord about the damage.

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