Bed Bugs Force Family Out Of Home

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Some families who live in a Frankfort neighborhood are out of their homes because of bed bugs. Several homes on Rosewood Drive in Frankfort are infested with the insects. The Public Housing Authority, which owns the homes, are trying to exterminate the bugs, but not everyone is happy with how they're doing it.

Dene Jackson says her daughter lost nearly all her belongings due to a bed bug infestation at her housing unit.

"They went into my daughter's home and they took everything she owns, " says Jackson. "I mean they took their food out of the refrigerator, frozen food, all of my grandbaby's clothes, her toys. "

The Housing Authority of Frankfort is spraying several of its homes for bed bugs, leaving people who live there out for at least 72 hours. The executive director says an infestation can get so severe that removing all items are necessary.

"We have to replace the stoves, refrigerators," says Carole Anthony, the Housing Authority of Frankfort Executive Director. "We have to take the base boards out, and so we pretty much have to have the apartments cleaned out because if that bad, they're hiding in anything that's there."

The housing authority says residents were given a chance to remove items and will be responsible for spraying and clean up, an estimated $500 to $600.

But Jackson says that's just not fair.

"This is low income housing, how are they suppose to pay," asks Jackson.

The housing authority says it will make payment plans available.

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