Theft Allegations Swirl Around Coach House

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We first told you about the problems at the Coach House on South Broadway in Lexington Saturday.

Since then, we've received calls from employees along with the restaurant's owners and operators.

The well known Lexington spot closed suddenly and without warning, leaving many out of a job.

"It's really put me in a bind and I'm not sure what I'm going to do," said Jachobbie Jones, a former Coach House employee.

Jones is one of several former employees, who called 27 NEWSFIRST.

Jones' good friend, LaAsia Ballard, also lost her job.

"They made us feel like we were needed and when we turned around, they stabbed us in the back," said LaAsia Ballard, who was a cook at the restaurant.

Both Jones and Ballard say the operators of the Coach House, Karen and Nasser Zamareh, cheated them and are scam artists.

"They really hurt us and owe many of us hundreds of dollars," said Jones.

We talked to Karen Zamareh who told us, she plans to pay everyone who they own money too.

"We have every intention to pay these people their money, I just can't say when that will be," said Zamareh.

She blames the restaurant's problems on the property owner, Ben Levy, claiming he's responsible for the closure, not her.

"He promised us everything and gave us nothing," she said.

Levy, on the other hand, says the Zamarehs are out right lying, trying to cover up their mess.

"We have done nothing wrong here. These two scammed us out of thousands and thousands of dollars and then left without telling anyone," said Levy.

Levy says the Zamarehs not only cost many their jobs in Lexington but they are thieves, too, claiming they stole $30,000 dollars worth of equipment.

Lexington Police are investigating the theft allegations and the Zamarehs' problem may get even worse as many of their former employees are planning to seek legal action against the company.

Levy also tells 27 NEWSFIRST that the allegations the property is in disrepair are not true.

He says it's passed all city inspections.

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