Another Suspect Arrested in 2002 Double Murder

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Six years ago, two young Lincoln County men were gunned down inside a mobile home. Police finally broke the case with an arrest back in April, and now there's word of another arrest in the murders of Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw.

One of the first people to learn that a second suspect had been arrested was Bo Upton's mother, Sherry Moore. She was elated, "after six-and-a-half years we're finally making progess in finding out who killed my only child".

The double murder of Upton and Shangraw happened back in 2002, when they were shot and killed in Upton's mobile home.

One suspect turned himself in earlier this year and admitted he took part in the murders six. Police say he was 16-years-old at the time of the murders.

Kentucky State Police have arrested another suspect in connection to the shooting who was also a juvenile at the time. He is in the Lincoln County Jail.

Both suspects' names have yet to be officially released because they were juveniles at the time of the murders.

The first suspect named has been indicted, but it will remain sealed until his arraignment expected late August. He is in state custody and was sentenced to two years in prison for an unrelated drug case.

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