Development Of Lexington's Second Largest Park Discussed

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In 1989 Robert and Anita Hisle deeded 225 acres to the city of Lexington to use when they passed away, making it the second largest park.

The park is located on Briar Hill Road and is one of the biggest private donations given to the city.

Right now the park is full of green grass and tall trees.

"It's really cool the way it is. It's just natural", says Julia Householder.

Julia Householder's dad currently leases the land that is Hisle Park. She says she is concerned about this land that she says is full of wildlife being developed into something new.

"Don't have land to accommodate these horses. There's 80 here", says Householder.

But, the Parks Department says the Hisle family donated the land for open space and recreation for the city.

"We're now in the process of planning what activities and facilities will go here over the next 10-15 years," says Jerry Hancock, Director of the Division of Parks and Recreation.

Possibilities include developing fishing ponds, becoming the home for new sports or even those without a place to go, and being a place to ride horses.

Julia Householder says, she would love to see it stay the same however, and has a few ideas of her own.

"Have field trips for schools, hayrides for schools, especially for inner city kids who have never seen a horse," says Householder.

The Parks Department wants to involve community members, neighbors, and relative of the Hisle's in developing the land. The future of the park will be discussed Wednesday night during a meeting at Bryan Station High School. The meeting begins at 5:30.

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